With So Much Love, Happy Mothering Sunday

Happy Mothering Sunday.

The love of a mother is simply indescribable. Well at least in its majority. Mothers act as a source of support and strength to their kids and well beyond that. They have sacrificed so much to train and raise their kids to the adults they want them to become. Sometimes to the suspense of their career and personal ambitions.

As mothers are celebrated today across the world, we are Zubelu wishes everyone woman and mother a Happy Mothering Sunday. Yes today the world celebrates you but you will be celebrated today, tomorrow and the day after.

Thank you for everything you do for your kids. Thank you for being a pillar of strength. Thank you in ways we cannot describe.

I remember a time while growing up, I slept in my mom’s room and I woke up to see my mother crying. Shocked and troubled I asked what’s wrong mom and she came up with an excuse that she was yawning and as expected she would be in tears. I didn’t believe her so I consoled her. It was years later I discovered she was crying because she haven’t paid our fees yet and the school was already making threats.

There’s a lot mothers had and still go through for their kids and while we work passionately to ensure you have the great life you deserve, we want you to know how love for you remains rock solid. We love you beyond the values of words, HAPPY MOTHERING SUNDAY.

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