Why People Feel A Sense Of Self Entitlement

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Why People Feel A Sense Of Self Entitlement.

Hi good day everyone. I would like to talk about a rising issue which is Sense Of Entitlement in the society. Especially among youths of today apparently we are called the millennial. Sense of entitlement is thinking you have a right to something that is merely a privilege.

Let’s start from the family:
Our parents provide everything for us. Protect us from the reality of the world and shield us by providing all we need and want. While in the mere sense they are only to provide our basic needs for particular period of time (i.e. till we become adults) but we have gotten so used to everything they do for us that we now see it as our right, youths go as far as saying


Agreed you didn’t ask to be born but that doesn’t mean you keep sponging of them. A lot of parents out there can barely provide the basic needs for their children and the children have to hustle to meet up with their basic needs.

For those of us that have parents that provide everything for them they should be very grateful and start striving for their independence little by little.

Now let’s look at the whole relationship thingy, from the moment a guy starts spending for a girl he’s still wooing. He starts feeling entitled to her body and some form of positive response from her.

That’s why I advise ladies out there if you do not like a guy or want anything form of relationship with him please do not ask anything from him and do not collect anything from him even when he offers be straightforward and stick to the same response which is NO, even when he invites you out do not order more than you can afford. Some ladies would say ‘sheybi’ I did not ask him do not collect anything from him.

Some guys would go as far as enticing ladies with exotic gifts and they too would take after that she’s forced into a relationship she doesn’t want and having to give in for all his wants and demands.

For ladies too, you guys have the high Sense of Entitlement and it’s mostly financially. Once you are in a relationship you dump all your family’s problem on him and he must solve all of them just because he’s your boyfriend especially when he’s well to do, ehn he must pay for hair do, he must take me shopping he must do this and that, the moment he refuses he becomes a worthless and incapable of taking care of you forgetting it’s just a relationship and it’s not compulsory for him to do any of that.

I read a story online, it’s a long distant relationship. The guy is in Abuja while she is in Lagos. Apparently he sends her transport fare to travel by road to Abuja, she is now complaining that her boyfriend even during his ‘brokest’ time does not travel by road for his business meetings and all. Now she’s saying he must book flight for her that she can’t be travelling by road while he travels by air.

For me that’s just road even as my girlfriend you are not entitled to anything o, I do what I can when i can. I am not perfect but as it is not I do not expect anything from anybody I hustle for what I want.

It does not end there even those elders too, some you greet them out of respect but on the long run they start seeing it as their right that must greet them or you do someone a favor and then expecting that they must reciprocate, I always tell people that I do things for people because I can and if the person doesn’t pay me back well, no hard feelings.

Start hustling for all you need and want and be grateful for the privileges you are enjoying.


Written by Dami


  1. Cleo - Reply

    I won’t lie am also a victim to this sense of entitlement …..its only natural to expect some level of entitlement from people you go out of your way for but then again, there’s why there are heart breaks 😂

  2. Onyema - Reply

    A policy many should live by is “do not ask anyone to do anything that you would not ordinarily do for another person”.
    If you are going to ask for a favor from someone, make sure it’s something that you will willingly do for another if asked.
    Nice post Dami

  3. Enajite - Reply

    Nice write up dami. It is needed particularly in this harsh economy, everybody should know OYO is their case

  4. Lora - Reply

    I swear this article is me a times, excluding the financial independence on men

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