What the Nigerian Election Teaches Us All


The Nigerian Presidential Elections has just been announced and it saw President Buhari the candidate of the All Progressive Party consolidate his grip on power. No matter what happened especially if the results didn’t swing your way, there are lessons to be learnt.

1. Security was clearly not the best. In fact, at some polling units there were no security officials. Also in some units, police officers eventually fled once violence or ballot snatchers came on board.

2. Nigerians are getting more involved as they realise their future and to an extent their ability to prosper depends on a good government that’s about to work and deliver for the people.

3. Nigerians are realizing more than ever before the power of the ballot box. You need to understand that only your vote counts not your rants on social media or getting massive engagements on twitter. This things work only by voting, that’s what INEC recognizes. Nothing more nothing less.

4. The Nigerian spirit can’t be killed no matter the tyrant or violence we face. We have an unwavering determination to succeed. Although it is sickening that such determination were not reflected in voter turn out in ways that were evident on social media.

5. When we decide to wake up, we become an unstoppable force. Remember i said if we wake up. Now the question should be if we decided to wake up? Truth be told, it seems some Nigerians still prefer poverty and being poor.

6. increasing demands that Our votes must count, they must be counted and accounted for.

7. Ready to show up for their country, to make Nigeria better even in violence. They can only run and protect their security for a while but surely raise and take back control.

More importantly, if you feel the system is failing you, gather yourself together and run for an electoral office.

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