Things To Do During The Nigerian Elections.


We know the Nigerian Elections are upon us. As the Nigerian  Elections holds today, we want to enlighten you on the things you must do during the election and also for your safety.

1. First and foremost if you have a Pvc, you should get up and vote. Its important you do that because your vote is your power and by voting you help make it difficult for the elections to be rigged.

2. Its best not to wear any party or candidate’s shirt in other to avoid violence and possible attack from people loyal to other parties and candidates outside yours.

3. It safely would be safe if you don’t inform anyone on whom you would love to vote for any post in the Country. This is for your own safety.

5.Try as much as you can to eat something before going because it would most probably be either a long day or a considerable wait and its best to not be fighting the sun, the headache that comes from an election and also your stomach.

6. Vote your conscience.

7. Be security conscious at all time because its important to be safe and stay safe.

8. Avoid arguments of any kind at the polling units because it could lead to violence.

9. Ensure that your vote counts.

10. Ensure you come light. Leave all heavy things or gadgets example laptops, heavy bags, etc at home especially if you are not using them for the Election. Its best you go with just your phone and money. More important, come light just in case you need to run, you will without resistance.

Remember, always stay safe and vote your conscience.

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