The World’s Largest Democracy Set For Elections

The World’s Largest Democracy Set For Elections.

India which is the world largest democracy is set to hold elections in less than one week. The election is expected to last from morning still mid night and run all the way to May. It comes as no surprise considering the number of people expected to take part in the elections. Elections are expected to commence from 11 April all the day to 19 May 2019. Counting of the votes are expected to be immediate with results announced less than 24 hours after the end of elections.

India has a population of over 1.3billion people out of which well over 900million people are eligible to partake in this democratic exercise. There are over one million polling stations in place in the country to help make the exercise east.

As expected India has its challenges especially infrastructural challenges that can make elections difficult to conduct. Example access to good road network especially to remote areas of the county can be difficult.

Although under Prime Minister Modi’s government India has seen economic expansion and prosperity, there are still economic challenges in the country as a large number of the population are still in poverty. Also India has a one trillion dollars infrastructural deficit, infrastructures needed for growth and development.

A new wave of election demands is the inequality in the Indian society especially amongst women which has seen many rallies against gender inequality in the country. Women are increasingly persistent that their voices must be heard and want to command reforms and protection of their right in India. Main aim is to crush the very obvious Indian gender inequality in India.

There’s no doubt this would be an interesting election as many demands are being made, we will be sure to follow happenings of the elections as it unfolds for you.

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    900plus million people…. at least it’s not INEC thats handling it 😂😂

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