The Stranger That Touched My Heart

Four years ago, I finished high school. I wrote SSCE that same year but my result was seized. Certainly, I was devastated. I wrote another the following year it was cancelled. I was kind of hurt and all but I never gave up. I wrote another 2016 then I came out with flying colors.

The struggle did not end there as I started battling with gaining admission…

2016 I gained admission into Lagos state university then I was jilted. I gave my school fees to someone who duped me and when I discovered it was too late. Too late for me as I had to withdraw from the school and write another jamb. This loss sank so deep in my heart I cannot explain just how devastated I was. The struggle went on, imagine not been admitted especially in a society like the Nigerian society where pressures and shame from left and right kept attacking me. I was emotionally unstable, these were experience of what misery felt and I cannot just believe I was subjected to such torture.

Then I had this boyfriend. This boyfriend I started dating when I left high school. He toyed with my emotions. As a young girl I was naïve, felt stabbed me in the back, Sabotaged by life etc. I lived with the too many pains for years. The annoying thing was I still didn’t want to leave him. I was madly in love with him and the love came with great consequences.

I was stupid right??       Yes, I was!!!

Love is simply an amazing thing to feel but being in love alone is a misery.

I lived with the pain of not gaining admission. I also lived with the pain of being in a dysfunctional relationship. I lived with the pain of feeling cheated by life, by education, by institutions like Waec and so much more. I had sleepless nights. I cried, oh I cried heavily and more often than not fell asleep through that medium. I wasn’t okay. It got to a point my friends wanted me to visit a psychologist, like a counselor. I was running amok, running mad. #sigh

I never gave up. I simply couldn’t give up. Like do you understand how far I have come and endured to give up? I was in line. I had this believe that someday soon everything will be okay. Everything I have asked and wished for will come to fulfillment.

2017 was just the same like every other year. Filled with pain, anguish, sadness, fake smile and all. Also it had a twist, I met someone.

Someone who filled my life with joy, someone who gave me a reason to laugh and be happy, someone who by thinking about him, I start crying, sometimes heavily. This time, they were tears of joy. I have never known crying could also bring such happiness and peace of mind before since all my tears were tears of sadness. He was sent to me by God. At first I hated him. Along the line, I saw his beautiful side and I felt if I could just be calm and embrace him with love, everything will be okay.

We had ups and down in 2017. I still wrote UTME that year though and as usual the same result, no admission.

2018, my year of supernatural turnaround. That year was my lucky year. I felt I wasn’t going to get admission but God in his infinite mercy rewarded me. Like God did it. I can’t just be more thankful to God.

I finally gained admission after waiting for 4 good years. God was so faithful. Like to be honest, that was the best thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life.

Guess what, I moved on from the dysfunctional relationship. Though it was painful, but that was the best thing I could do to stop the hurt and pain to this great guy who was sent by God in my time of misery.

It wasn’t easy but I moved on and am proud of it. I mean what better way to move on than from an idiot to an angel.

So that anonymous guy I met in 2017 actually helped me through a lot. Always giving me reason to smile, blah blah blah. I cannot be more proud that I met him and more interesting, that am with him because being with him helps me face the world and gives me such a feeling words fail me to express.

Written by Mayowa for (name withheld)

Mayowa is a cheerful guy and also an annoying fellow. Example he would use your phone and borrow N3,000 credit and leave you to pay it back.

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