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What type of demon is this I said to myself, how will somebody stay on his own and trouble will jump all the people in this Lagos and insist on tormenting me? Anyway I had to manage the situation with style because to be honest there was no way I was going to have a fight. The odds were not in my favor as I was really tipsy, exhausted and completely on the reserve part of my energy. Anyway Mr Ebola virus and his escorts weren’t having it as they kept ranting and trying to throw punches which luckily I kept avoiding. Luckily for me an onlooker, who was the son of a very influential expatriate saw everything and quickly came to my rescue. I’m so thankful he did.

I woke up the next day to see three missed calls from Linda which sent good excitement down my spine (man shot his shot well)

Although deep inside me was mixed feelings. I definitely wasn’t ready for a relationship but as sure as snow exist and animals will always be slaughtered during Christmas, I was ready to mingle. Anyway I started analyzing our sexual possibilities and I realized for starters we were firmly on the right track there. I decided to go on a house date with her. I ensured to invite someone who cooks so great to help me cook up something really nice for Linda and I because I don’t trust my cooking that much and the hustle of university then didn’t help make me better. I cannot allow someone’s child taste my commotion rice and die as a result.

I am a lover of arts and I made sure to borrow my friends artworks which were very erotic. Those types that puts you in the mood once you enter the house. It sends the fuck must happen type of vibe to ladies. Like things were falling to my favor, when the day scheduled for the date came, everything was already in place. I had freshened up and had very simple clothes on. Well not to reveal so much of my excitement to her but also for easy access. I didn’t want taking off my clothes to be too difficult when the time comes, I couldn’t take chances.

As expected as soon as she walked into the sitting room which was already saturated with the cold weather from the Ac and Marvin Gay Sexual healing adding good spice to the mood, she complimented on the artworks with the “I hope it doesn’t turn me on though) I laughed and said *in Taylor swift voice* “I see your too late” We laughed over that again and proceeded with the date.
The food was indeed good, in fact I felt it tastes better now than when I tasted it while it was being cooked by my friend earlier. During the date, we had light conversations on everything and anything from games, politics, Nigeria, Instagram comedians, movies and the exalted game of thrones. There was literally no running out of gist for us. At some point during the meal she choked on either the food or the wine I can’t exactly remember but that was when I noticed just how beautiful she was in the blue gown that she wore. This dress was made specifically for you I said to her. Even if Beyoncé or some A list artist wears it, they won’t still look as stunning as she did. The way she looked at me clearly revealed I just hit the right button because she pulled herself closer towards me and gave me a kiss. That kiss basically melted every resistance in me, not like I was resisting anyway.

Things escalated very quickly. We kissed and caressed each other so much that we didn’t know when we landed on the couch in the sitting room. She’s a good kisser I must confess, way better than me. By this time, she had noticed my full erection as she tried to blackmail me with sexual sensations around my dick that was so good and turned me on the more. It wasn’t long before I undressed myself, thanks to my intentional preparations. She commented on the structure of my dick which made me smile in appreciation.

She instructed me to close my eyes, I agreed but every fiber in me was intentional about not closing my eyes completely but I was over powered when the sensation hit me harder than a missile. It was beyond the imaginary. She has started giving me blow job and it seemed she brought her A game with her because all I could remember doing was ensuring she had little resistance from me so she continues her bj. She deep throat-ed me so much and somehow the wetness of her saliva around my dick not only added to the sensation but made the whole practice sexier.

Believe me when I say this no girl has ever given me a better head than Linda did that day. In-fact all the porn you must have possibly watched cannot be compared to what she did just including the very active and satisfying main course she served.
She had put me so much in the mood that I wanted to dive right into her pussy and start fucking the brain out of her but I was raised a better man (argue with your keypads ha-ha) I decided to move the fun to the room as we were already undressed.

She laid down on the bed and the sight of such sexiness on my bed added more spice to the already spiced atmosphere.

In that spirit I reached out for her pussy and with every courage I was able to monster I bent towards it and started giving her the best head I could possibly give. I ate her pussy so much so that she started behaving like an imbecile on the bed which made me laugh and also inspired me to be more vigorous. I have never eaten pussy before in my life but mehn Linda gave me head so good I needed to raise the bar in good faith.
The way I ate her pussy got to her so much she couldn’t wait no longer and in the sexiest voice I have heard in a while she said, oh shit fuck me already, put that dick in me, fill the fuck out of that pussy, Oh shit fuck me. Upon hearing that, it activated the beast part of me as I grabbed a condom, wore in and was ever ready to take a good dive.


Written by Chris
(picture with-held)

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    Hmmm.. interesting why are you putting this on hold I want to know the end point Zubelu 😢

    • Zubelu - Reply

      Hello Wonder, its interesting you are excited about the blog but its not our intention to hold the story. Not too worry, we are deliver as always.

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