The Chaos Funny Names Bring

The Chaos Funny Names Bring

Earlier this evening, I took a stroll down the street of Rumuewhara Which is an area in a major oil s ate in Nigeria. Just about making a turn to enter my street, the next thing I heard was “Maximum!”, (in my head I was like, why’s this one shouting). Wait a minute do they mean maximum shooting? Before you say Jack, I started running o because I didn’t want to the world to die by “maximum”🤗😂.

Well when I realized nothing happened, I laughed as how foolish I was and I returned back. The next thing I heard burst my brain. “Stop shouting my name like that, did I kill your sister”. Seriously? Maximum someone’s name? But then, I remembered Drinkwater the footballer and I’m like, this is kind of better.

Although really, what happened to our sweet native names with good meanings?.
Anyway I thought I was the only one who experienced what happened on still people started laughing at each other over the experience.

Written by Arinze.

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