The Monster Called Friend-Zone


There is this babe, we met in a funny way. I can’t even remember how we met self. We got talking and we got fond of each other. I was feeling the vibe and she was feeling the boy. After a while, I asked her out. She said after her jamb. Spirits of roadblocks get behind me. I said no problem, we kept talking and having a good time.

I felt I had a clear chance at her so I didn’t remind her or bother with some extra bullshits. Although from time to time I will remind her and she will be all girly about it. After her jamb I asked her How far. Even the people who killed Bin laden didn’t think or suffer this much.

She was like let me chill till after her post utme exams. Oh goodness, not like she’s a child anymore self. I said okay no problem. I thought I still had a clear chance and I was still in touch.

After the postutme, we saw, talked and all. We have few mutual friends and they all thought we were dating. In my mind, I was in a relationship with her already. Devil will not pour sand inside my garri. I didn’t bother to ask her for update again.

A day came when we were talking and I was like well fuck it. Babe howfar what we talked about and she was like I have to tell you something. Ghen Ghen, different Nollywood scenes started playing in my head, well since there was no Patience Ozorkwe, this can’t end badly I thought. You know when you want to check result and your heart skips, my heart skipped.

She said she has a boyfriend. Say what now bitch! WTF. I was shocked, disappointed, I can’t remember the feelings I felt as they were numerous. She said yes to the guy a day before I asked. Biko I refuse to be a late comer.

I was really shocked, vexed but I cannot kill myself. Life goes on, right? at least this isn’t sir-zone.

Few months later, they were still dating. All of a sudden I heard they have broken up (JESUS we lift your name higher🎤🐒).

I have stopped shooting my shots again and slid into the full blown fuck buddy society. Besides am tired of the fact that guys always do the shooting.  Women if you toast me, you won’t die. Me too like to feel good 😂.

Written by Chidi

Chidi likes eating, cooking and going out. Playing games and watching movies are also his thing. He enjoys talking to people, the ones with sense according to him.

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