Tales Of My Broken Heart II

Tales Of My Broken Heart

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Chapter 2..

I have always been told by my female friends to loosen up a bit so men can actually see the atmosphere to approach me, perhaps one out of some, I could find one true love.

I have always occupied myself with work work work and I guess that amounts to my not finding time to make out for hang-outs. Instead I always choose to fantasize and have everything worked out for me in my fantasy or dreamland so to say…

Back to the office……

At the conference room, I and the team have converged and I introduced myself to them. One after another they introduced themselves to me. I was both strict and gentle.

I didn’t want to be seen as easy or harsh. I wanted every one of them to know that I would be friendly if they preferred it and that I would also be tough if that was how they liked to work.

I announced to them that Dayo would be assisting me with the job of helping the team achieve its goals. After making the announcement I waited to read their faces and to give anyone who had other ideas the chance to air them.

There was none, so I proceeded with the meeting; however I kept a close look on their faces to see if I could decipher what they were thinking.
Frankly I was scared. I had not wooed a man before and doing it tactfully in public scared the living day out of me.
Nonetheless, I kept my cool, bellying the storm of fear which raged on the inside of me.

After the meeting I went into my office and took a deep sigh of relief, I had given everyone a valid reason to be seen often with Dayo. So it won’t get tongues wagging if we were often seen together. Other ladies who were head-over-heels about Dayo won’t see me coming until he was gone.

I set up my work in such a way that Dayo was in touch with me, and not me with him. In-between our work, I gave him the impression that I was available and that he could make the move.

On the other hand I also reminded him that I was his boss. I had to be patient, but Dayo’s slow pace of making a move on me was frustrating. It got to a time I almost switched him with Samson, another handsome and intelligent guy in the group. I felt Samson understood me better and picked my cues as a lonely lady like a sniff dog.

One evening after work, I was feeling lonely at home when my phone rang and it was Samson.

My thoughts were that he called because of work; however when I picked the call he boldly asked me if I cared to join him on an evening outing. To me, he was clearly asking me out. My legs shook and my hands vibrated. In fact, I almost collapsed into the sofa close by.

When I tried to say a word I found my throat dry like Sahara desert. My long silence had completely betrayed the fact that I was overwhelmed by his request.

To regain my pride, I tried to intimidate him, “Samson, what do you think you are doing?! Are you asking me out?”

My voice was not as harsh as it often sounded at work, and being a smart guy Samson saw through that. “I am not sure that is what I am doing right now, I am sorry if it came across to you that way. I felt you might be alone and wouldn’t mind to share a few bottles of drink with me at a bar.”

I had to put up another façade, “How in God’s world did you get the idea that I am alone?” “I know you are very reserved and did very little outside after the day’s work.” he replied.

“Thanks for your request Samson, tonight is not the night I will drink with you. Ask me another day. I happen to be very busy right now.” I lied, I was actually sick at home with being alone. I was an expert at throwing men’s advances back at them. After all, that was what I had been doing since my preteen years.

However this time I did not do it stupidly, I simply did it not to look cheap, because I figured Samson had been studying me for long and I was not sure what he might have found.

The next day I carried on at work like nothing happened and Samson was his usual self, doing his work with a smile on his face and a song in his heart.

I studied him when I could and he perhaps did the same…….

By the time the day’s work was over, my fancy for Dayo had waned a bit;

I was already fantasizing about Samson.

……to be continued……

Written by Mfon-Abasi


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