Tales Of A Broken Heart IV


Chapter 4..
I had no clue what he was up to; I just sat in the bathtub and waited for him to return.

Now when he returned, he grabbed and began to kiss me as though that was our first kiss.
In my head I wondered what his game plan was until his tongue began to wander feverishly in my mouth and left a metallic object in it.

oh my my my……… 😌😌😌😌

I broke from the kiss and spewed the object into my palm only to see it was an engagement ring. 💍

Faster than light can travel, my eyes moistened at the surprise he pulled off on me.

I looked up and found him kneeling on one foot; the hallowed words from his lips took my breath away,

“Baby, will you marry me?” 💍

Desperately, I gasped for breath,

I had to blurt out my answer as if I waited a second longer he would take his request back,

“Yes, I will!”

I leapt from the tub and kissed him with tears flooding from my eyes.

From that day our wedding plans began in earnest; I made sure all my friends and work colleagues got a good look at my engagement ring. 💍

I worked like an ant to make sure no detail was left out in my wedding plans.

Dayo’s family could not wait to see us get married, especially his mother and sisters.

Our wedding reception was grand and stylish; we had a very romantic looking table with white linen tablecloth covered with a pink overlay.

I made sure our event planner tucked in a tiny, perfect rosebud into each guest’s pale pink napkin.

A centerpiece included varieties of pink blooms, such as roses, orchids and tulips. We had masses of candles to warm everyone’s heart.

We floated them in glass bowls in various heights on tables.

We had table cards printed with the “firsts” of our romance. The two of us wrote those together.

We used them instead of standard table numbers — for example, one table was “First Kiss” table and another was “First Date” table and so on.

After the wedding, we spent two weeks in São Tomé and Príncipe in a hotel overlooking the sea.

Dayo’s uncle had paid for that as his wedding gift to us.

I will save you the details of what happened on the beach over there in São Tomé and Príncipe.

However just five months after our wedding, my fairy tale romance with Dayo came crashing like a pack of cards.
I was washing his clothes when I found a note in his trouser pocket which read,

“Baby, I will be waiting for you in the hotel room. Don’t give me any excuses this time.”

Unbelievably I stared at the note as my heart threatened to stop. Hot tears ran down my face and my head felt light. I began to cry.

In the dream land where my kind of love evolved from, men don’t cheat and not one of my imaginary lovers cheated on me.

With my feet wobbly, I stood up and reached for my phone and called Shola, Dayo’s younger sister who had come to be a bossom friend of mine.

I cried so hard on the phone she thought I was going to die. When she came over and saw the note I found in her brother’s trouser pocket, she was struck dumb.

We couldn’t reason our way around the evidence of infidelity before us.

Dayo was out supervising work on the house we had acquired.

Before he could get home I had packed my things and moved into another room.

When he returned home and I confronted him with the note, he vehemently denied knowledge of it.

To me his denial of having no knowledge of the note seemed quite genuine. He was mad with me for even entertaining the thought that he could cheat on me.

My heart was in tatters, I did not know what to do or believe. I had never been cheated on before.

Dayo was my first love.

……to be continued……

The story returns

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