Senator Dino Melaye’s 120Million Mega Give Away



There are some indications that Senator Dino Melaye is expected to give out a grand price of a brand new 2019 Brabus GLE850 worth 120million Naira after the election

The Friend Zone Drama


The senator is confident of a victory hence the price will be won after the victory of Atiku Abubakar is announced. To win the car, participant must be a PVC holder, and show evidence of his or her vote. This is a means of encouraging people to come out in their masses to vote out the tyrant incumbent and make Nigeria better. The news is literary causing an earthquake on the social media as hopefuls are in strong competition on who would win the whooping Mega giveaway.

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  1. Talent - Reply

    Dino the lion is always up and running,this is an ultimate way to show support and inclusion for a new dawn in our nation.The plight of the people in this so called corruption free administration is so unbearing, herdsmen killings , Christian killings, impunity , handout and incentives for bokoharam, Islamization of the country , ethnic sentiment and so many more….we need the likes of lion SDM to direct the way out of Egypt….Godspeed SDM …Atikulated all the way…..

  2. Candid - Reply

    This is goodnews. As for Atiku winning this election, dis is an already established news. If no be Atiku na who we wan vote?

  3. Obioha Ferdinand Ekene - Reply

    I am doggedly atikulated
    Nigeria must work again

  4. David Onyekachi - Reply

    Let’s make Nigeria working again
    Dino The King in the North, the mouthpiece of Nigeria and the defender of the truth with our man
    Alhaji Atiku Abubakur first of his name, The President of Federal Republic of Nigeria,the protector of Nigeria constitution and a real businessman that will make Nigeria working again, I and my family are articulated and we’re voting tomorrow for PDP

  5. Elizabeth Elekeson - Reply

    It’s either Atiku Or No other.. Buhari has dealt with us… #Atikulatedalltheway#

  6. Egeonu Nkiruka - Reply

    If only we have men like you that believed in a better Nigeria. this is a sign of passion and sincer love for your country(Nigeria), this is a hudge motivation for everyone out there. No matter the matter, Victory is sure #BetterNigeria #LetsGetNigeriaWorkingAgain

  7. David Onyekachi - Reply

    Dino the King in the North and the defender of the truth
    I stand with you and Atiku, already articulated and must make sure our man win, my PVC must work tomorrow
    Alhaji Atiku Abubakur first of his name, The President of Federal Republic of Nigeria and the protector of Nigeria constitution from those who destroyed it, together we shall make Nigeria working again

  8. Gabriel Chima - Reply

    This is a very kind gesture from you Mr. Senator. The victory of Atiku and yours is already established. Heavens have signed and sealed it.

  9. Izundu SireRoyale - Reply

    Senator Dino Melaye, has proven that it takes one Man that is consistent and fearless to enforce the desired change in government. He is one man with voice of millions. He has become a genuine remarkable force and his result is evident.
    Your dogedness has brought so much awareness to the public and we are happy to have a man like you at the National Assembly.
    I luv you sir

  10. Benedict Edeji - Reply

    Hmm, getting Nigeria working again is within our grasp and we must not let this golden opportunity slip away from our fingers. We must all endeavor to go out there on 23rd February, 2019, SELECT the PARTY WITH THE umbrella symbol, CAST our VOTES for it, and PROTECT our votes at the polling booths until there are counted. That can’t be asking for too much compared with the NEXT LEVEL of SUFFERING, INSECURITY, CLUELESSNESS , POVERTY etc that stares us in the face if we don’t make the right choice. Even in Computer games, the next level is always harder how much more with human endeavors


  11. Aniekan Friday - Reply

    Because you have promised an unending joy to many Nigerians, your heart desire will come quickly. Just imagine wiping the tears of many families, moving them to a level they have never imagined. SDM sir, i am travelling this evening to VOTE and it must count for AtikuObi. That’s the little I can do. Congratulations in advance. If I win or not congratulations.

  12. Gbenga daramola - Reply

    Mouth piece of the mouthless and good Nigeria crusade.
    The Egyptian we are seeing today, we shall see them no more. Duara straight!!!!!

  13. Adeleke Aderoju Lateef - Reply

    I believe Alh. Atiku Abubakar is president elect started from Feb23 2019 Insha Allahu. I don’t any need car but cash to start my animal farm project. Sen. Dino

  14. Samuel Lance Momodu Jr. - Reply

    Yesterday, we were told we’re the leaders of tommorow. But today, we may not wield absolute power, but yet, we can decide the power that decides, within the realm. Vote wisely!

  15. Rebecca Gabriel Imoukhuede - Reply

    I am Atikulated…how do I participate to win the car… I’ve got my PVC

  16. keo nha cai - Reply

    In cases like this, you will have to get
    a straight-forward picture frames. Waterslide paper emerged in clear or white however clear is much more preferred, considering
    that any kind of unprinted locations around the image is still clear.
    Then it matters not if it’s heads or tail, one can predict
    the final results.

  17. Adedayo Oshineye - Reply

    My amiable Senator, your kind gesture is quite admirable. But, i will still suggest you give #1million each to 120 Nigerians or 100K each to 1.2million Nigerians. The impact will be deep rooted than lavishing #120million car on a Nigerian to ply our bad road networks, high cost of fueling and maintenance factor. A lot of people are looking good on Twitter but very bad in their pockets. At least, you can attest to that by the level of response following this gesture. I believe in a #BetterNigeria, but we can only access this when more individuals have better life. A new Nigeria will surely emerge today. #BetterNigeria

  18. IPAYE Oluwatobiloba - Reply

    See life outside, Bcs we heard about a give away worth N120m we are shouting, definitely we have lost it in this nation, choosing our leader shouldn’t be base on material things or money, it should be by our positive thinking and intellectual mind set, after the election now nobody will remember anyone, I think we should wise up and pray for a better Nigeria. The Lord will help us.

  19. Lummy - Reply

    Your victory is certain sir. And it’s not just your victory, it’s ours all together as Nigerians. I truly hope I win this. So as Nigerian changes my life could change too. God bless the work of your hand. #atikulated for a better Nigeria!

  20. Udechukwu Nnenna Gift - Reply

    Atikulate oo
    Atiku for president….
    (This song has been in my hand since I registered for my PVC)

  21. Onodiama portia awuli - Reply

    Fully atikulated…the victory is certain..
    And God bless sen Dino for all the good things he’s been doing..
    And please sir also create jobs for we graduates that have nothing doing..God bless u.

  22. Onodiama portia awuli - Reply

    Fully atikulated… The victory is certain.. And God bless sen Dino for all the good things he has been doing..
    Pls sir create jobs for we graduates that have nothing doing. God bless u.

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