Religion And The African Madness!!

Religion and the African madness. Religion in Africa has really become a tool for enslavement.

In Christianity, members are being told to pay different sort of fees to receive “God’s blessings and protection”. The irony there is that the lives of the religious leaders can’t be compared with that of their followers. The leaders make use of the most expensive and luxurious form of transportation, living, fashion, food and even have top notch security.

While the pastor has a heavily harmed convoy following him in bulletproof vehicles, the members are given anointing oils and delusional prayers for protection. The members contribute money to build schools in the name of the church only to find out that they can’t afford the fees paid there. These Schools are now attended by the rich in the church only. Christianity in Nigeria is now a form of silent oligarchy. While countries like Rwanda and others are closing churches and opening factories, Nigeria is opening churches and closing factories
We don’t have a standard stadium in Nigeria with up to 50,000 seats, but we have church auditoriums that can comfortably seat 100,000 people. Isn’t that so ironic?? 🤔 😏

Let’s ask ourselves “What good has religion done to Nigeria and Africa as a whole”?

Share your thoughts.

Written by Yourme’s stabl.
Yourme is an interesting man who is trying to make a difference, consequently ending slavery of any kind.


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