Poem written by Adeyemi, A. Adeola •

“I must get there,” I said
I never knew the obstacles heard
I put on my armour and flashed a grin
With determination, and having drank the success gin
I set forth with a clear plan of conquest
With me was a map to the island of success
I sailed! Until a storm came my way
“Be still!” I said. But against me was the day
Could it be I doubted like the twelve?
I looked up and saw the cloud smile. “What if?”
I prepared for the worst while hoping for the best.
Ain’t I the captain of my ship? Gonna face the test!

Then, the wind redirected my path
Oh Shit! I ain’t going that way
But all efforts were futile, changed was my path
Then the waiting game came, I couldn’t save the day
The wind’s determination overshadowed mine
I sat in anxiety, watching events unfold
I couldn’t believe my watch, it was already nine
Alone on the sea at night, feeling and seeing cold
I was against a stronger enemy
One I couldn’t fight, flashed before me was my life
My eyes were alive all-through. Sleep? Me?
I became a watchdog, watching nothing but my life
I was surprised to see others sail towards my destination
Then, I realised the wind was against me, me alone.

It was dawn, on an island was I
Beautified with trees high
But with a path full of thorns, failure blinked!
Passing through the thorns became inevitable after my ship submerged
With no choice, I had to suffer like Christ
With endurance, I paid the cost
Then came a different place,
All I could see was a race
An island full of speed boats, I couldn’t say a word
I had left Christopher Columbus’ world
Boldly written across the sea was ISLAND OF SUCCESS
“Isn’t this my destination?” My quest?
Then I realised the obstacle was the path
After all, the mount is now flat.

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