Most Expensive Divorce, $35Billon By Jeff Bezos .

Whopping!! Most Expensive Divorce, $35Billon By Amazon’s Head Jeff Bezos .

The world’s richest man, Jeff Brazos has agreed on a whooping $35billion divorce deal with his wife Mackenzie. This deal automatically puts her on the billionaires list and even more interesting she becomes the 3rd richest woman in the world.

Although Ms Bezos will retain a 4% stake in online retail Amazon, the giant company which her husband of 25 years founded. We must note that the couple were married for 25years before the divorce which makes it all difficult for them, close friends and literally a lot of people globally.

In a bit to be more magnanimous, She will also give up her interests in the Washington Post newspaper and Mr Bezos’ space travel firm Blue Origin. Washington Post which her Mega wealthy husband acquired for over 200million dollars a while ago.

Mr Wilderstein and his wife, who became well-known for her cosmetic surgery, divorced in 1999 and was the biggest divorce settlement for a long time. Well apparently there’s a new record which is by far a bigger standard it would be so hard to break.

Ms Bezos made the announcement in a tweet stating that she was “grateful to have finished the process of dissolving my marriage to Jeff with support from each other”.

Prior to the settlement, Mr Bezos held a 16.3% stake in Amazon. He will retain 75% of that holding but Ms Bezos has transferred all of her voting rights to her former husband,

The company was set up in 1994 and although the couple has been together before the founding of Amazon, they won’t be together anymore while it’s now the powerhouse that it is.


  1. Madam internet - Reply

    These are the men I need. Madam has turned to Instant Billionaire

  2. Nathan - Reply

    From wife to 3rd richest Woman in the world. I cannot marry a white woman, their second name is divorce.

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