Massive Killings During the Presidential Elections

During the Presidential Elections, there has been confirmed reports in some locations across the country of massive shootings.

This is a very sad development as people who just wanted to come out and vote for the betterment of their country were attacked and some killed in an incident that has great potentialities of causing crisis in the country.

Its important you read and know the things you must do during the elections.

While some polling Stations were peaceful others are far from it.

Make Sure you are safe and stay safe. Remember your life is important and you didn’t live this long to perish on election day. Stay safe and make sure your always ready to run because your life at some point depending on where you are voting is going to depend on how fast your legs are.

Its important you read and know the things you must do during the elections.

The Hoe On The Move:

 The Shawarma Experience:

 The Monster called Friend-Zone:

The Struggle For a Valentine Experience:

All because of a women:

Lecturer’s Frustrations At It’s Height:

 The Friend Zone Drama

Even ballot boxes were confidently snatched in broad day light without any military presence or form of security to intervene.

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  1. Aniekan Friday - Reply

    Lord have mercy, I can’t live this long, wait patiently for the election to hold and then fight to death, To what end? Most don’t even reach out. I will stand with my plenty friends to make sure everything goes well, even though It is PDP all the way in my polling unit because we have done our parts by giving sense and reasons why it must be PDP to those who can be heady.

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