College Lecturers And Their Frustration


Am Nigerian. Oh today, my day started very early. I woke up, played music for a while then I went to bath. I got dressed and left the house for today’s Hustle. On getting to school, I ran into my Head of Department, a woman that’s all out to get me. How will someone just decide to be a witch? I don’t know why people pick on me. There and then, my mood had already changed after the whole talk. I learnt that she had fixed a compulsory lecture for the class tomorrow. Tuesday 😕 (Holy Ghost fire pursue them, wherever demons are gathered Holy Ghost fire pursue them).

I was annoyed and wondering why she’d do something like this knowing well the situation of things between ASUU and the Federal government since there was an  ongoing strike in Nigeria. Little did I know that my problems were just starting

School is a bitch sometimes. I had (Phonetics and Phonology) class for 2 hours after that I was pained. Imagine the nonsense, I even left before the class ended that was how angry I was. Waste of resources, time etc. The class was a bore.

All these lecturers won’t respect themselves and the Union. That’s why we can’t move forward as a country and part of the problems the world faces. When everyone is doing contrary to the Laid down rules and holding classes behind closed doors with threats of “failure or carry over” if you don’t attend. Some people had to travel within the state to attend but most people outside the state didn’t bother.

This lecturer has always been looking at me with this sexy face, the i don’t mind if we sleep together look and for a while my guys have been gingering me to get the motion kicking. I won’t lie she got a great body not all those elderly women, this lecturer is young and attractive. It is not my first time sleeping with a lecturer though but this would certainly up the ginger and when i sleep with her, am going to make i go so deep it chokes her almost to death.

In finality I am tired for my country, i cannot come and die.

Written by Jerry.

Jerry certainly has his good times and once you vibe him, get some trekking boats on for a long walk. IG: (with held)

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  1. Bernard - Reply

    Hello Jerry,

    I think starting am Nigerian is unnecessary. There are so many things to criticize about this write-up, but I don’t have the strength to say them. I’ll encourage you to read more and keep writing, you will improve, I believe some day, you will be one of Nigeria’s top bloggers.

    All the best

    • Zubs - Reply

      Hello Bernard, thank you for your observation. Jerry alongside myself and every writer on this platform takes note of your observation and improve we must. Thank you for your kind words, Amen to them.

  2. Gloria - Reply

    Honest write up at its best. Nigerians lecturers are there for their selfish ambitions. They seldom teach hence you buy their textbooks and sort yourself out with some cash. It’s frustrating going to a university in this country. God help us. Bless you

    • Admin - Reply

      I can totally relate to this experience very well. Its frustrating and hard and we are glad you too could relate to the experience. Remember you can visit the site anytime and share your own experience too. Click on submit entry in the Menu button and submit. Thank you

    • Zubs - Reply

      Thank you. If you ever feel the need to send your entry, The submit icon is on the home page.

  3. Amaka - Reply

    I can relate to this entry a lot. Now it’s compelling me to share my own lecturer experience but as a woman.

    • Christopher - Reply

      That would be great you know. Once it’s an original content, we would strongly consider sharing that. Check the submit entry on the home page for submission procedures 🍷

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