Is Having A Plan B Important?



As a young student back in secondary school, things were different. I used to think getting admission into the university, studying your most preferred course and getting that degree guaranteed success in life. But reality dawned on me from my Waec result. I wanted to study law but unfortunately for me, I did not have literature in Waec. That was the beginning.
Well I passed my jamb. I was offered history and strategic studies which I had no interest in. Well I still went ahead with the registration. Lucky for me, I wasn’t qualified for the course due to my lack of literature. Thank God I had connections, I was able to pull some strings. My course was changed to social work; a course I knew not till that very day I got to my registration point.

I thought to myself, it wouldn’t be the worst idea ever. Perhaps because of the fear of staying at home for a whole year to retake o’levels, I went ahead with the admission I got into 100L. I was not totally happy about it because I was far away from what I wanted. I read about the course and it was not so bad. It was something I could see myself doing but for lack of interest, I was not taking the course so seriously. Not to talk about the course was not so recognized in Nigeria. I knew I had a long way to go and amongst my colleagues I was fond of, even called LAWMA WORKER.

This continued till I got to year 2 and my GP was dropping I knew I had to buckle up, face my reality and embrace it. I started working hard academically and pulling up my grades. Finally, I got interested in the course after 300l 1st semester field work practice, I loved it so much. I wanted to put in all my best but unlucky for me, it was too late but I still tried my best to get my grades up.

Before graduation, different thoughts were running through my mind. Especially the fact that most of the agencies we were posted for our fieldwork practice in 300 and 400l did not have professional social workers. That is their workers did not study social work as their 1st degree or 2nd degree. It was too sad and painful. With that, I had a lot of hope that things would get well once we are out of school.

I graduated in 2016 with a second class lower and it has not been rosy for me. Coupled with the fact that I did not acquire any skill through my university and service year. Also especially still wanting to practice social work in a country where it is not appreciated and recognized. Before NYSC, I volunteered at the Office of the Public Defender as a social worker for 6 months where I gained a lot of 1st hand experience. After my service year, I volunteered at the Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team for few months.

A lot of my colleagues that we studied social work together in University of Lagos have changed their careers not because they do not want to practice but because there is not much of an opportunity for us out there. Furthermore, these days, a lot of people study on thing in the university and end up working in another line because they just want to earn a living and be able to pay their bills.

Personally one thing I regret is not acquiring a skill and I’m not even an entrepreneur oriented person. I’m the 9-5 kind of person and several times I have asked myself if there is any problem with me. It turns out there is nothing wrong with me.

I encourage student these days that from secondary school, they should start learning one skill or the other. The world is shifting from getting a university degree or having a master’s degree. It would go a long way to earning your financial independence and having a plan B.
As long as you keep pursing, there’s always a way for you.

From all of us at, we cannot tell you how proud we are of Dami. Also we are very optimistic about the greatness in him that will come to light.

Written by Dami (second).


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  1. Onyema - Reply

    I understand the “9-5 and not entrepreneur” personality. I don’t find anything bad in being an entrepreneur but I don’t see myself lasting long as one. That doesn’t rule out the fact that one should have a skill as a plan B. When you are confident of your plan B, you are not badly shaken by any negative change that may occur in your original plan i.e If you are made to face compulsory retirement or a termination of your employment, you won’t necessarily suffer a high blood pressure thinking of where your next source of feeding will be because you already have one that just needs to be brushed up.
    Nice post!

    • Dami - Reply

      Good Evening I’m Dami. The Writer.

      Plan B Is Having Something To Fallback To When Plan A Isn’t Working Out But It Doesn’t Mean You Should Abandon Your Initial Plan. Nobody Is Fully Prepared For Adulthood. So if You Have On Skill/ Talent You Can Develop On It As Your Side Hustle While Still On Your Plan A.

      It’s Just An Alternative. after NYSC, You’ve To Survive So If The White Collar Job Isn’t Coming Through Yet, Acquire A Skill So You Can Put Food On Your Table. Even After Getting The White Collar Job, Continue Your Skill On The Side. These Days One Source Of Income Isn’t Cutting It Only If You’re Receiving 7Figures Monthly.

      • Wendy - Reply

        oh hey dami. Did I forget to tell you how good this write up is, my bad. It’s a great piece. The thing is I have been a one way girl all my life the more reason plan b’s are very difficult for me. Can you make another write up explaining how people like me can go about it? Thanks love 😍

    • Dami - Reply

      Hi, I’m Dami.
      There’s No Manual On How Plan B Works But Find Skill a You’ve Interest In, Learn It And Start Up Little By Little.

  2. Ada - Reply

    Same thing I face. Am actually a one plan time of girl. A die hard kinda girl on a plan. How to I diversify in having other plans. It’s hard as fuck

  3. Ada - Reply

    That is how the writer didn’t reply my comments while I get notifications of other people’s comments 😥😥😥😥

    • Dami - Reply

      No Vex, I’m Here.

      It’s Good That’s You’re A Die Hard Kinda Of Person But Know When It’s Time To Switch. I’m Sure You’ve Seen Acrimony And You Saw What Happened When He Devoted Everything On One Plan. If You’ve A Masterplan It’s Takes A While For Everything To Play Out So During The Incubation Period Have Something Else Doing So You Don’t Starve.

      I’m Sorry For The Late Response.

      • Ada - Reply

        That is fine. Although Arcimony’s plan later hit big time but I can’t wait for decades. Especially in a world where mighty dreams can come alive within a year or so. I support the other viewer saying something about another write up. I look forward to it.
        Anyway I no vex again 😂 😂

  4. Rifyet - Reply

    I don’t know how it works in Lagos or Nigeria but it’s also tough in Thailand. Funny how people struggle yet don’t see the importance of this.

    • Christopher - Reply

      This is a global issue that doesn’t dwell on a particular culture or region. We try to create awareness in ways we can. Also thanks to people like dami.

  5. NanaGuru - Reply

    A plan B became my Backbone at so point in Life.. I had to acquire skills unconsciously but I’m happy to say, it’s the best move I’ve made in my short time here. Thanks

  6. Sandra - Reply

    A very innovative piece and really shows the glaring reality of the education system in the country…

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