If Your Life Was Different



……. I’ve been having these thoughts lately, and I know I should be writing them down but laziness and procrastination wouldn’t allow me. I was glad when I got this opportunity to pen down something for my friend’s blog, for Zubelu.

“What if in an alternate reality, I wasn’t as broke as I am now, hell, maybe I am a multimillionaire or a billionaire, what are the things that I would change about me. Would my attitude and character towards life really be the same as now? The other day I was chatting with an older lady who wasn’t really paying me any attention, I commented on her post and it was deleted. Fuck!!

It was all manner of disrespect and I wondered if her attitude would be the same towards me if I had money to throw around. Maybe I own a mansion in Maitama area of Abuja, or live in Whitehall axis in the United Kingdom or I drive a MERCEDES Benz AMG or even at least Camry King. All these daily insults and disrespect based on the fact that I don’t have enough money which is me trying to water down reality because am actually broke and a student might just as well be avoided.
If only people knew the things I avoid so I don’t go into wealth I wouldn’t enjoy, I would be treated like a king 👑. As you know the temptation is really high, there are many ways to make money but at what cost. Am determined not to do blood money or internet fraud or drugs or even sexual stuffs for pay as am an extremely good looking guy, well-built and the physical attributes working in my favor.

Well last last I could “gun down someone just to make “Bread” and treat myself to a good life, an exquisite” or flex for the Gram and on Facebook, but when you have money and got no Joy or Peace of mind. (“Wetin you gain?) Will it truly be worth it?

Written by Jerry

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