How To Navigate Life In The University.

Navigating Life In The University.

Good day everyone I’m glad to be back, well today I would be talking about dealing with exams as an undergraduate and generally talking about university life. Well university is one of the easiest institution and the hardest; it all depends on what you want to be for and how seriously you take it.

I would tell you that getting admission into university is not has tough as surviving throughout your stay. I remember when I entered 100L we were not less than 60 in class and after 1st semester we did not see some people that we resumed together anymore and the same thing happened 2nd semester. I learnt that it is very easy to get carried away with the whole campus life enjoyment without knowing time is going till its lecture free week then you realize you have not read anything throughout the semester.

That’s why I am here to share some insights on how you can get study without missing out on social life because university is not all about studying jokes apart. For me it was until I got to 200L second semester before I knew what worked for me and it really did help.

You can try these:
Even if you don’t read regularly atleast make sure you notes are up to date
If you are the type that doesn’t write in class then make sure you buy handouts/ reading materials.

Have atleast 2 smart friends that you can turn to for help so they can explain what you do not understand.

When it is about 2/3 weeks to exams start reading you notes/materials one after the other.

Once exam timetable is out, start reading from the course you have last to the one you are writing first.

If you are the type that studies overnight know your assimilation rate so you don’t just waste your time i.e. for me I read from 10pm – 3am that’s all for me I do not do more than that.

While reading you can get a higher education middle page and be summarizing your note. Keep it short and straight forward.

Once you are done reading and summarizing your note, it’s the summary you would then be reversing on the morning of your exam.
Don’t read alone, have reading partners (the EFIKOS in your class); it worked for me so as your reading you all can ask each other questions and share ideas because no one knows it all.

I am not a past question person but from time to time I solve past questions with my friends and don’t be ashamed to say you don’t know a particular topic they’d explain to you.

Most importantly once you are seated and your exam questions has been shared always have pencil and eraser handy; once you see the questions you know write the short answers on your question paper with pencil immediately.

Answer the questions you know 1st before coming back to the tough ones.

I Hope this would help out but the most important thing is to know what works for you and mastering it. University is where you’d know if you really have home training and self-discipline. So be careful the friends you keep and your movements.
Don’t dull.

Written by Dami.


  1. Wendy - Reply

    Hey am suspecting this should be dami from the plan B article 😂 I have missed your entry. I have many questions to ask you but am too exhausted.. Wait for tomorrow

  2. Tough girl - Reply

    Can you explain the part where you know the answer to questions but your too excited to write hence everything begins to clash. Your intelligence and you being able to put it down in writing.. I hope you understand dami

    • DAMI - Reply

      Hi, Well You’ve To Calm Yourself Down. Once Your Answer Sheet Has Been Given To You Jot Down Your Answers In Short Form With Pencil And Don’t Loose Concentration.
      Don’t Answer Anyone Till You’re Done Jotting Down Your Points.
      Just Remember Be Calm And Concentrate.

      • Tough girl - Reply

        You know it’s actually easier said than done. I have experienced this so much during my university exams. Now am in my finals I don’t want it to affect me more as I sit just on the line of a second class upper and a tiniest wind can push me backwards which I don’t want.

  3. NanaGuru - Reply

    I’m the kinda student who read just before exams… i Love these tips, and I intend trying them. Thanks Dami

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