How Scary Is Trying New Things

How Scary Is Trying New Things

Hi, good evening I’m back with this week’s write up and today I’d be talking how trying new things. I know a lot of us are rigid and scared of trying new things I know it can be a tough experience but it’s good to be an opened person.

As a person, I find it very hard trying new things or adjusting to change it has been a big challenge for me but day by day I am getting better. I would share steps on how you get over your NEOPHOBIA.

To overcome your phobia or fear you have to start a step at a time what i mean is you start little by little for example if it’s trying out a new product.

– You can start by reading about it and knowing the difference between your regular product and the new product.

– You can also ask people that have used it about the product so you can get actually reviews not checking online because those online reviews cannot be totally trusted

– Start by buying the smallest quantity available

– You might not start using it immediately and it’s still okay if you want to take some time before you start using it.

– Start using it maybe once in two days or three days you do not have to rush yourself. After using the 1st day wait for a day or two days observe yourself to know if you are not reacting to it.

– If peradventure you did not react or have any negative effect after two days then you can apply it again I’m sure by then you would have started getting confortable to the product

– One thing we do not want to accept about ourselves is that as humans we can adapt to different situations it’s just our irrational fear and pride that would not let us survive.

– People that are rich today were once poor do you think if they lose everything today they won’t survive, they would survive and the most important thing about surviving and adapting is you have to accept your situation and present condition then be willing to adjust and move on.

– Same thing applies to NEOPHOBIA; you have to accept and be willing to adjust and get better.

– I used be scared of trying new things it was even as bad as downloading a new song, it was until when i started hearing it outside and it made sense before i would start listening to it

– Today i am doing better and part of it is the post that i wrote.

– I hope this would be helpful and if you have any question ask i would be willing answer.

Written by Dami.


    • DAMI - Reply

      Hey Baby, No Vex. 9-5 Doesn’t Give Me So Much Time To Think And Come Up With Posts. But I’m Here.

      • DAMI - Reply

        I Know It Ain’t Easy. But It’s All About Determination. Once Your Mind Is Made The Rest Should Come Easy. It’s Not A Bad Think When You Relapse But Be Determined To Get Better.

  1. Tomi. - Reply

    Nice piece of art. Never expected this from you. It’s a part of your uniqueness..


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