How I Was Embarrassed to Nakedness

How I Was Embarrassed To Nakedness.

I am a college students and as expected of most college students, I wear briefs or boxers 😂. Well for guys at least. Anyway two weeks ago or so I had a class sheculed for 1pm and I told myself even with my laziness I would make it on time.

I woke up early enough, around 8am and decided to have some fun. I invited a side chick over for hookup which went well by the way. Am so tempted to inform you all about the sexcapade but I don’t want some people engaging in self satisfaction or some psychological mating 😂.

Before I knew what was happening, it was past 12. Like what? How time flew I cannot comprehend. I managed to bath, get dress and literally started flying to campus because my lecturer is not of this world. I got to class just a minute before he came in and had the lecture in peace.

Class was over and I got gisting with friends. We eventually relocated to some empty space to continue gisting and all then something drastic happened. I wore a short, a polo and a Nike sneakers to class. As a result of the rush, I didn’t have underwear on. That’s how a friend came to me and pulled my short down.

Ladies and gentlemen, I thought of the best scene from all the one thousand ways to die episodes I have seen but none entered. I didn’t even know what I felt because my sanity, shock, embarrassment and rage were clashing at the same time.

Everyone was so shocked but laughed. I cannot explain how in the world my friend got the idea to pull down my short for no tangible reason. How it happened exactly the day I wasn’t wearing underwear made it worse. Anyway as the did was done, I quickly raised the short, jumping and displaying all forms of madness just to water the damage my friend did. Everyone laughed about it and speak about it every now and then but one thing that’s certain is this ” I certainly will have my come back and it must be powerful’.

P. S. this particular event got me an amazing sex experience as one of the people who witnessed the experience wanted more than just seeing.

Written by Owenic

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