How I Disgraced My Villagers



 One of my tight friends was celebrating his birthday and as expected I was compelled to show. I didn’t want to show up, I mean I have controlled a lot of chicks who were scheduled to come and I didn’t want to bust my cover more than I have. The divided attention, the girls trying to monopolize me at the expense of others and since I clearly don’t go back to old pu**ies, well a lot of them, I would need time to shoot my shots. After much analysis, I decided to attend the party. First for my friend as he has really been supportive. Also because his of the very rich class and as expected rich girls would be there and those are the targets as long as am concerned.

I found myself requesting for an Uber ride to his house first to ginger the vibe, you know how guys can be. As I got to his house, I was totally blown away by what I saw. This very hot chick who did very little in hiding her cleavage and lower body welcomed me straight to the swimming session of the house. My village witches decided to be in a happy mood. I swear I can move around my guy’s house comfortably blind folded but the sight of this chick totally hindered the functionality of my brain. I engaged the normal pleasantries with my guy and some other fellas I saw with him.


We got talking about random stuffs. Not like I was fully concentrating, basically surveying the environment looking for the next possible knack. There were some hot chicks all around the swimming pool and according to my friend it was a “warm up for the main course tonight”. Just as my guy finished the sentence, six people came up from the shower session of the pool and by their movement and the way the guys passed signs to my friend, I bet some stuffs went down behind the scene. My memory was brought back to attention when I was tapped by my friend saying “the party’s gonna be at night but it doesn’t mean you cannot get a few nuts out before then, enjoy”. He got up and left.

Oshey!! Okay I must admit that part of the reasons I like my friend is because of how girls feel around his house. There’s literally no way you would be in his house and not have a good time. I like to think he’s the hoe type of guy. You can literally have sex with some of the sexiest girls in the city if you visit regularly or live with him you know. At some point I was typing am in all those countries where sex is basically easy and without stress.

I was able to locate the same chick I was drooling over once I got to the house and as expected didn’t wait time to fully start shooting my shots. We spoke or rather me basically making her laugh with my sexual jokes. Since the house like I said is very comfortable for girls, it didn’t take time for us to get down to business. The fact we had sex without knowing each other for three hours means shit to her and doesn’t affect her self-worth or esteem in anyway unlike some Nigerian girls and the funny way they could think.

The sex was amazing but clearly not the best I’ve had. We cleaned up then got busy with the various things we were supposed to do or basically meeting people and trying to have a great time.

Time for the eventual party came although by this time the house was quite crowded. I was surprised as it was a strictly by IV gathering but not disappointed. I mean its Goodness; the guy literally controls chicks like crazy. I got down to having a good time, meeting people and basically vibing to all kinds of songs.

Then my village witches suddenly got the information that I was at the party and swore to disgrace me. I picked up an entire bottle of absolute vodka 50% alcohol and started drinking it. I must note that I have the type of body system that drinks don’t get me high. I get high through other means outside drinking and throughout my life I have used that as an advantage. I started laughing and basically having fun while sitting down and in roughly 40 minutes, I was able to empty the entire vodka without anyone’s help. Immediately I stood up, boom!! My village witches started throwing heavy arrows my way and it hit me hard. I realized for the first time in years I was drunk. Ah no o I cannot afford to disgrace my villagers here o. Someone else other than me to take the shame. It didn’t help that I have heavily been drinking way before the vodka encounter.

People of the world that is how my village witches disgraced my career. Few minutes after I stood up I couldn’t remember a dime thing I said or did but I got to realize some nasty bullshits from the phone recordings the following evening when I got back to normal state. I literally started greeting everybody and tried kissing a few people. The video was very funny and silly to the extent that the funny nature covered up the total disgrace I actually brought on myself. It got to a point that I jumped so damn pass to pass a step. A one step step. Anyway beneath the embarrassment I did have a good time.

P.S. Since then I stopped believing my body is damn irresistible to alcohol and became more conscious of my alcohol intake before next thing now I appear on an Instagram blog “EXPOSED, SEE WHAT VODKA MADE GROWN MAN DO” that shit is crazy.

Written by Zubby for Nonso.

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