Finding Love Under Funny Circumstances

Finding Love Under Funny Circumstances

I lived in a nice house in the suburbs with a pool and all with my parents. I hated my neighbors a lot. They were a old couple that just people dirty looks all around. They eventually moved in out and this new family moved in with a son that was slightly younger than me. I was 17 and he was 16. He was fun so we eventually became friends.

He told me he had a sister who was in college. But I never met her until she came back from college holiday. When I saw her I instantly had a crush, she was 19, tall, busty and beautiful. Every thing I could ask for. She played basketball. So the 3 of use played together a lot. She was in the college team. So she always beat us. I alway used to try to hit on her in the most hidden ways possible. But I thought wasn’t getting it but apparently she did.

She left to school after the holidays ended. So I went to play basketball constantly so I could play better and beat her when she comes. She eventually came and luckily her brother and parents weren’t home, so were mine. It was late evening then she came over because she was bored with no one at home and she wanted to check if I was home, so we could play basketball.

She came over to play and I managed to beat her a couple of times. So after we played and were tired we decided to relax near the pool. We started to have a conversation. She asked me about my sex life amd girlfriends. I told her I didn’t have one which I didn’t. Then we had conversations about sex. And the issue of penis size came up, and I jokingly told he I was well endowed. She then asked to see it and I was speechless.

I had no idea how to respond I was completely lost. She asked again. And I said yes in the coolest way I could. So she said we should go to my room. We did and I pulled it out for her to see. But I didn’t have a full erection. She didn’t seem impressed and I told her it would grow, if she played with it. I have no idea what gave me the confidence to say that but I did. Then she smiled and put it in her mouth. And gave me the best blow job I ever had, and she kept on going it felt endless. She just didn’t stop and after several minutes a came I had no idea how long it was. I came in her mouth and she swallowed and told me it was my turn. So I also gave her head, I had experience and I didn’t disappoint. I liked her clit while fingering her g spot. She was definitely pleased. She came twice, and when I noticed she was about to cum I sped up to ensure that she does and she loved that. After she came the second time she said she wanted to test my skills to see if it was worth having sex with me and I didn’t disappoint.

She said we should go back to the pool side and have sex. I was scared any of our neighbors could easily see us from a window there, but I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to come of as a bitch this was the opportunity of a lifetime and I wasn’t gonna ruin it. I got outside and realized it had already gotten dark so I wasn’t as worried. We had sex on the flat bench. And it was heavenly, I didn’t know but I seemed to be able to execute every single move right. We were just in sync with each other. I she seemed so engulfed in ecstasy, I couldn’t help but cum. She was riding and I was about to cum I told her and she got of and put it in her mouth again, and absolutely swallowed everything. In that moment I felt like this was gonna be to best day of my life and I believed that I couldn’t beat it.

I thought we were done but we weren’t finished. She offered 69. And I had no idea it could be as blissful as it is. I never had an experience quite like it. I cannot even begin to describe. It was like the more she liked it the more I got aroused. This ensured that I pleased her to the fullest.

So to cut the long story short, 12 years later, I married her when I was twenty six. And we still get enough of each other.

Written by Owen for Mark.

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