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How Politics Changed The People We Know.


Am not really clear on how politics in other countries work, but the Focus is on Nigeria in this write up. I hated politics while growing up certainly not because of the conventional wisdom widely propagated by many Christians on how genuine Christians shouldn’t go into politics🙄🤦🏻♂. The reason I disliked it was the reality that a very large proportion of politicians are in for their pockets irrespective of whatever silly promises they would have made to the electorates and all (like theft and greed was their thing before they even ventured into politics). However, I feel ashamed to say I realized late how it even changes people we believed were upholders of good morals and mindset. Let’s look at the following people

1. Adams Oshomole was one I read about his time as the chairman of Nigeria Labor Congress and how it was said that he fought the government for the interest of workers or generally the people thereby winning their hearts (notice how I use the words “read” and “said” because I was a little boy uninterested in National affairs during the period Oshomole held the post😹😹 so I couldn’t write knew/witnessed him to be that person)

2. Femi Adesina was one of my best article writers at the Daily Sun Newspaper (In fact, He became my best after Late Dimgba Igwe joined politics and began to write articles oriented towards worshipping a certain party–another example of what politics can do). Before becoming whatever advisor/assistant he is now to the President (I honestly don’t care about his case any longer), I considered him to be so objective on his write ups as he never favored anyone/party. He bluntly spoke the truth so when I heard he received an appointment from President Buhari (or is it Jubril now🤷🏻♂), I told myself he won’t last long in the system. In fact, I was expecting him to tender his letter of resignation soon as he might not cope with fraud and lies associated with the government (I’m such a naive thinker! 😹😹). I certainly held this guy as one of my role models. People like him taught me to be this blunt, straightforward person.

3. Festus keyamo was one person I liked. It’s not like I knew or was sure of his good qualities in terms of character, I just liked him because he worked under Late Gani Fawenhinmi (another of my role models).

4. A certain former course mate of mine whom I refuse to mention his name. He used to be this honest somebody. In actual fact, everyone who knew him was his fan: intelligent, trustworthy at first and bold. When I got wind of his joining politics in Anambra, I was glad. I felt was going to bring a change to Nigeria politics starting with Anambra, I never knew that just the local government politics in his place would change him🤣🤣….

The similarity among these above mentioned people likewise others who were not mentioned is simple. Just like the revolution that overthrew the Tsarist Rule in Russia, the character of this said persons which I almost idolized was overthrown by a revolution tagged politics🤣😹. They have become liars and turned selfish


I was a strongly opposed to the view that Christians or good people generally shouldn’t move into politics because I thought the more they are in politics, the bigger positive change we get but now I get scared when people I know get into politics, or when I hear CAN executives getting themselves involved in political affairs likewise the knowledge of priest doing same and boldly using the name of God to support their political propaganda.
I know a few people I trusted that didn’t like the idea of joining politics. I wasn’t satisfied at that thinking at first but I gradually got to understand. What if they really were scared about a negative change in their personality and were just trying to protect themselves? Some will say they r fools, after all who character help if they can’t be rich? but I feel satisfied knowing fully well that some people still put their dignity above wealth.

Now, my question for the day

How do we start changing Nigeria politics instead of Nigeria politics changing us😏😏

Written by Eke Ifeanyi. …

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