Buhari Victory over the Presidential Elections

Buhari wins Presidential Elections 2019. President Buhari of the All Progressive Party has won the Nigerian presidential elections with over 15million votes against his closest and main opponent Atiku Abubakar, candidates of the PDP who got over 11million votes. The 76 years old President  has succeeded in winning re-election. The Presidential elections which was scheduled for the 16th of Feburary was later moved to the 23th of February due to some technical issues. Although the elections as expected was characterized with some violence and irregularities, it wasn’t enough to stop the victory of the incumbent. It would be recalled that four years ago president Buhari defeated the then incumbent Nigerian President Goodluck jonathan to become the Nigeria President This has heavy consequences for the Nigerian people as it leave way more than expected anxious over what happens in a country which has seen tremendous changes only negatively mostly. Nigeria is not a dictatorial state and should be seen as a democracy. I honestly expect president Buhari should show statesmanship even as he wins the elections. It should be noted that President Goodluck Jonathan was the first President who extended the hand of fellowship to someone who defeated him. In doing so, he helped the Nigerian State in ways we fail to realize avert great crisis that definitely would have been disastrous for the economy, the Nigerian people and the Nigerian State.

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