Be Careful When ‘Bikeing’ It in Lagos

Swiftly they move, here and there. As long as the space can take them, in they go. They are danger-blind. Their bike probably intoxicates them. Their speed is never a big deal. Aren’t they the ones in-charge? “Worry not”, they preach.

Still in the dark? Then you’ve never taken a bike/okada in Lagos. Lagos life itself is rough and tough. It is therefore no wonder ‘bikeing’ it is likewise.

I’m no fan of bikes. I bike it only if there’s a need too – too late, late for class or crazy traffic. Recently, the penultimate happened, and I had to bike it. I had a presentation for 10am, and I was to meet my group members before the presentation. It was past 9am on my watch and the traffic wasn’t encouraging. “Bike it”, something in me suggested and in a jiffy, I was on a bike.

After noticing an improved but slow pace, a product of a convergence of vehicles, I suggested to the bikeman to move to the other lane – one-way, we call it. Don’t blame me, blame Lagos traffic. And that was it! It wasn’t long before I realized I had given the bikeman permission to take my life. He knew I was late and he was ready to help. Well, with my life at risks! Even my words of caution did little… I was in for it!

“Thank you”, I got down and said, with time on my side. I’ve however decided to stay away from bikes, for now. Till I’ve got something to catch! Even then, I’ll never encourage a bikeman to speed up or take one-way. Never!


  1. David - Reply

    Nice piece. We all know the danger involved in ‘bikeing’ it. But what do we do. Lagos traffic isn’t encouraging.

    All we’ve got to do is to be careful.

  2. John - Reply

    I heavily recommend a continuation of this. You can’t just take me up and toss me to the ground 😂

  3. Betty - Reply

    Am European so I can’t understand what happens in Lagos although biking situation isn’t the best everywhere but it’s worse on your continent.

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