All In The Name Of Item Seven

All In The Name Of Item Seven.

This event happened yesterday .I just finished the one and only lecture I had for today and I was pleased. My female friend and I decided to go chill out at a Lagoon Front on campus since the sun wasn’t showing any mercy. Also addition to that was the rain that fell this morning.zthe sun must have felt cheated for not shinning early enough then decided to come out in full force.

That how we were chilling there waiting and anxiously looking forward to this event by MTN that was holding at a place beside guest house. As a result of this soul called even, three of us decided to starve our selves of proper meals for lunch since they promised us *item 7*

Be we were all hungry but refused to have lunch and turned down all offer for guys to buy us lunch. We were saving our stomach for the “item 7” that the MTN program was going to provide us. Sadly we were way too hungry to hold the hungry and so we gave in to buying snacks and icecream for our selves. Besides item 7 was quite a long wait and it was just 2:30pm.

By the time the programme started it was way past 4 and since it’s the beginning of the program they hadn’t shared anything. We waited and that carried on with it. Two long hours later nothing to show for. Ah this is not what I planned for my stomach o.

After the whole show and item 7 finally came around, there was really nothing to show for the wait than a pack of Small chops with 7 items in it. I will be waiting for them to come back to my university let me plan on how to burn their cars 🤧😥🤧🗣

Written by Anu


  1. Asa - Reply

    First thing I want to know during any outing or event is How rich it is aka WILL THERE BE FOOD 😜

  2. Claribel - Reply

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