INEC gears up to postpone Nigeria’s Presidential elections hours away.

There are very strong opinion within the independent National Electoral Commission of a possible postponement of the Presidential and national elections scheduled for Saturday 16th February 2019.

The opinions are heavily backed by the difficulties the commission has faced in recent times. The burning of voting materials and other essential which makes the commission not in the utmost state to carry out the election exercise especially in a country as vast as Nigeria.

INEC commissioners are currently locked in a meeting at the agency’s headquarters in Abuja where they hope to find a way to resolve the issue quickly as Nigerians as expected feels they would wake up to an election day in the country.

We must note this is most likely the case as according to our sources, the decision only but awaits public announcement. We have no idea on the new date at the moment and thinks can very much move either direction. Although the scheduled date for governorship and state assemblies election for march 2  remains unchanged but we would keep you updated as we get more information.


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